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Cheeezy Neezy

Apr 10, 2019

 This episode of the podcast we get the honor to talk with Jeffery Vyain! From the start we dive right into how Pantheon got started. We talk about the struggles and the success of owning a company and what comes with the responsibility. We talk about Pantheon’s line up and some cool insights on manufacturing. We touch on some ideas for gear and what you want to look for in a set up. 

We get into a bit of what it takes mentally to be able to do some of the accomplishments Jeffery has and what he has coming up. Colorado has some big events coming up for the LDP community but anyone is welcome to these events. The No Name Race is a 32mi race with some big elevation. Then the Roaring Fork that is 100+ miles on some beautiful pavement! Some areas better then others. There is another race in the air that may or may not be coming soon. Stay tuned for that. These races are IDSA sanctioned races so get that membership and let’s go! 

To wrap up the podcast we go into some of Jeffery Vyains person achievements and some good stories too!! Hope you all enjoy the episode, listen at the end for DJ Jedaii sample. 


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