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Cheeezy Neezy

Apr 3, 2019

We get to chat it up with Joe! This man is an endurance athlete like no other! From skating long distances at insane paces. Running for miles in feet’s of snow. Climbing mountains in his spare time. Racing his Subaru in ICE!! We discuss what his training regimens are like to prepare for the races he is going for. We ask what he did to prepare for hitting 300 at the 2019 Ultraskate. What he tells us is unbelievable! He breaks the mind set of what you need to do to put those kind of numbers down! We also get into his passion for his Subaru. He explains the correlation of his car and his board. How he see his performance is remarkable he breaks it down to a science and applies it to every aspect of his life! We had a great time chatting it up with Joe and we hope you enjoy it as well! Get yourself to to be in Ma-Zzone!

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