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Cheeezy Neezy

Apr 17, 2019

This recording was done back in December of 2018. This episode of the Cheeezy Neezy, Max interviews with Geo and Nick about wtf Neezy Bordz is and how it came about. They start off the show with there weather talk as they use to before. Good to bring it back here and there. The do a brief discussion about the mythical folklore creature "Thedisa", get to know more about this amazing legend. Anyways, they get right to the history of how Neezy came about from childhood to present. we get into what started Nicks fire to do what he is doing today. They bring up some good nostalgic shops and things that can bring back some good memories for those who may know what they are talking about. Without giving away everything that goes down go listen to this rad episode and get to know about Neezy. Get Cheeezy and enjoy.


Neezy Insta: @NeezyBordz